Super Water Absorption Colorful Edge Disposable Micro Fiber Mop Pads With Pocket

1,White with color edge. 2,Regular size 45*13.5cm,OEM size. 3,Soft texture,uniform surface, compact material. 4,Nice pocket contributes to mopping stably. Color edge disposable pocket mop is a excellent household cleaning helper.Owing to the unique design of pocket,it’s easier for cleaning indoors.Colorful edging makes it a popular mop set favored by the most customers in the online and offline markets.

Products Details

Sterilization materials are designed for carpets, mattresses, sofas and other textile products. At the same time, it is widely applied to the household floor.It plays a role in sterilizing these floors,cloth supplies and kill the mites that breed on the cloth supplies.It can be used in various scenes,living room,bathroom,bedroom,kitchen and aisles.So it’s getting popular in the office cleaning,housing cleaning and medical cleaning,based on personalized designs.Most importantly,it prevents allergies and eliminates stubborn stains and greasy stains. No chemical reagents are required, and there is almost zero damage to cleaning items.1, Laundered mops increased microbial contamination which will have infection,converting to single-use microfiber mops can obviously eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.However,pocket mop has strong fiber antibacterial ability.One one hand,mops can absorb dust several times its own weight.On the other hand,it will not go mouldy in the moist for a long period. 2, 99.9% MICROBES REMOVER. The special microfiber function can remove 99.9% microbes using water alone(including VRE,C-Diff,MRSA,E-Coli,TAC etc.).BIO-BURDEN REMOVAL.This type of disposable pocket mop pad with colored lines created 100% synthetic microfiber construction. 3,Super absorbency.The report showed that hundreds of thousands of fibbers per square inch, hold at least 5x their weight in water.Tension helper will not easy to distort in the mopping process, resulting the physical tension not tend to be damaged by friction. 4,Single-use remove the potential of cross-contamination with virgin microfiber in every use.According to customer requirements,the color of wave line can be customized if to the purchase MOQ.which is convenient for later sewing.Then,the mop pad will be installed on your mop head.

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