Strong Scrubbing Disposable Microfiber Spray Flat Floor Cleaning Mop Pads

Size: 46*14cm Weight: 25g/pc Material: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide Color: white with color lines Packing: 200pcs per carton MOQ: 20000pcs

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This HYGEN Disposable Microfiber Mop Pad assists in environmental cleaning, the first step in the disinfection process, by removing 99.9% or more of tested viruses and bacteria to help improve cleaning efficacy. 1.Made up of the 0.52D microfiber yarns which can make sure to remove 99.9% bacteria, and it can be cleaned well even without water. 2.The density of the Microfiber mop pad can be customized from 250gsm~500gsm, the density higher the water absorbent better, and the water absorbent reaches best when it’s 500gsm. 3.It adopted to the microfiber rope design, there are lots of protruding ropes around the surface of mop pad, which can increase the fraction with floor greatly to increase cleaning efficient. 4.We have 4 large automated production lines to produce this product, the daily output is 80k pieces, so the cost is got well controlled. Compare with other Microfiber disposable mop pads, it’s more cost-effective. 5.Do not neutralizing disinfectant, compatible with common disinfectants, including Quat (does not bind), Chlorine Bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide 6.It could be either disposable or reusable, we can sue it for household cleaning to save the cost and we can also use it for hospital cleaning for prevent cross-contamination. microfiber-mop-2

Basic Info

Product Name: Strong Scrubbing Disposable Microfiber Spray Flat Floor Cleaning Mop Pads Size: 46*14cm Weight: 25g/pc Composition: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
Package: 200pcs per carton Color: white with color lines MOQ: 20000pcs The size of HYGEN Disposable Microfiber Mop Pad :46*14cm (18’’*5.5’’) is the most common size in US and European market, which can match the mop frame in the market easily. The 80%polyester+20%polyamide material helps to release the water onto the floor, solution release: >94%. The coverage area for each piece of mop ca is at least 25 squire meter.
Regular packaging is 200pcs per master carton, and we accept compression packaging, which can save loading volume. Under compression packaging, the loading quantity of 1X40HQ can reach 500.000pcs. microfiber-mop-3


This HYGEN Disposable Microfiber Mop Pad is widely used in hospital cleaning, and it’s also applicable for public and household cleaning. The color of the scrubber ropes on the front side can be changed according to different application, such patient room, toilet and public area.

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Zhejiang E-sun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of cleaning products, especially microfiber and nonwovens. After 11 years of development, we have a production workshop of 2400 square meters and a product research and development center of 200 square meters, 5 product research and development personnel and 2 brands. Also we have 11 professional sales and long-term partners in 47 countries including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and France, with an annual export volume of 8.8M $ and an annual growth rate of 30%. Our product range covers more than 120 kinds, from laundry cleaning to kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home appliance cleaning, and healthcare. We supervise all production processes from raw materials to finished products, and have an independent in-house laboratory for product testing on each batch of goods. E-Sun insists on developing high-tech functional products, especially environmental protection products, hoping we can do something for our beautiful earth. We keep in mind the company’s business philosophy “quality first, customer first, and we don’t want to be your passer-by, but your lifelong partner. detail-page-01 detail-page-02 detail-page-03 detail-page-04 detail-page-05 detail-page-08

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