Eco-Friendly Disposable Microfiber Cleanroom Mop Pad 18*5 inch

1, Regular size 45*13.5cm,OEM size. 2, Natural synthetic minerals. 3,Disposable use for cleaning. 4,Strong antibacterial ability,easy to absorb water.

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The Disposable Microfiber Mop Pads can be used wet or dry. ThContains no cellulose, cotton or rayon, leaving no food source for bacteria It is suitable for  hospital ,clean room and so on. Non-linting. The back can be printed with clients logo. Efficient cleaning impact in comparison to laundered mops. The lock-in physical design have scrubbing power to remove the dirt. Microfiber performance with effective, consistent bio-burden removal. Laundered wipes/mops contained microbial contamination which will add infection, converting to single-use microfiber wipe/mops can obviously eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. This disposable microfiber mops best match for spray mops. The internal structure design to make sure pads’ back strong adhere to mop plate, without extra velcro, it save cost and safe environment. Disposable-mop-pads-5 Disposable mops are marching towards the healthcare cleaning.Under normal conditions,it is supplied sterile to be subjected to a cleaning process after sterilisation and/or its use.Synthetic vitamins have established an enviable record in purity of product,which meets our all kinds of cleaning demands. 1,When the family is cleaned, we pay attention the kitchen fumes, the sofa, the floor and other places in the living room.White mop pad contributes to check the decontamination ability,which is widely used in various mops.The composition of microfiber makes it have strong sterilization ability, we do not need to spray disinfectant water again for secondary disinfection. 2,The ultra-fine and thin microfiber material highly absorbs the stains, grease, fine dust and remaining moisture on the floor surface that are separated by steam dissolution.It plays a role in all disposable mops in the cleaning market, the green-friendly materials help protect indoor life and build a safe environment. 3,High quality and security ingredients can last for all day long. Made by safe material, would not irritate your skin.Please rest assured about our materials, we will provide the best service and products at the best price. 4,Customized logo on mop pad is also acceptable.The lighter packaging makes it easy to carry home.Meanwhile,it also can be a special gift for a home cleaning helper to your friends, colleagues.  


At high standard of medical cleaning to wipe every corner of the room,living room,bathroom,bedroom,kitchen and aisles.You can lightly attach them to the mop, then take the mop and wipe down any exposed floors, walls, etc. to keep them super clean.Therefore, commercial cleaning and medical cleaning industries often choose this multi-functional product to broaden cleaning channels and increase the category of cleaning products.  

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Zhejiang E-sun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of cleaning products, especially microfiber and nonwovens. After 11 years of development, we have a production workshop of 2400 square meters and a product research and development center of 200 square meters, 5 product research and development personnel and 2 brands. Also we have 11 professional sales and long-term partners in 47 countries including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and France, with an annual export volume of 8.8M $ and an annual growth rate of 30%. Our product range covers more than 120 kinds, from laundry cleaning to kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home appliance cleaning, and healthcare. We supervise all production processes from raw materials to finished products, and have an independent in-house laboratory for product testing on each batch of goods. E-Sun insists on developing high-tech functional products, especially environmental protection products, hoping we can do something for our beautiful earth. We keep in mind the company’s business philosophy “quality first, customer first, and we don’t want to be your passer-by, but your lifelong partner.  

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