Disposable Household Floor Cleaning Mop SAP Mop Pads

1, Size:12/37.5*H37cm 2, Weight: 47.5g/pcs 3, Material: inner SAP+nonwoven fabric outside 4, Color: White 5,Packahing: 10pcs per box 5, Absorb capability: 2.5L fluid 6, Technology:ultrasonic, 7, OEM logo in the top

Products Details

Product Details

The High Absorbency SAP Spill Mop Pads, are made with highly absorbent material designed for quickly removing up to 32 ounces of liquid, water-based spills. Pads turn liquid into gel so that once liquid is fully absorbed, it will not drip. 10 pack dispensing carton is compact enough to fit easily in most spaces. Each pad is made with highly absorbent material designed for quickly removing liquid, water-based spills. Pads turn liquid into gel so that once liquid is fully absorbed, it will not drip Each pad holds up to 32 ounces of water For use with Spill Mop Handle. SAP-Mop-3


This mop is widely used in hospital cleaning, the Spunlace Non woven surface can pick up the dirts easily, and do not neutralize with disinfectant. The inner SAP particle helps to absorb the water, blood, oil quickly and easily, do not mess up the floor. All the materials of the mop are eco-friendly, the out side use high quality spunlace non woven, light weight, and helps absorb water into the pads, and pick dirt easily, inner fleece is 100% wood pulp non woven+SAP particles, which has an ability of super absorption. The sewing line among the mop helps to lock the liquid inside the mop, the top head can be printed with company logo, and easily clamped on the mop frame. The application of this mop, besides hospital, it can also be used in public cleaning, household cleaning. The regular packaging of this SAP High Absorbency Single use Mop is 10pcs per box, 40HC container loading quantity can be up to 100,000pcs. SAP-Mop-7

Basic Info

Product Name: Disposable Household Floor Cleaning Mop SAP Mop Pads Size: 12/37.5*H37cm Weight: 47.5g/pcs Composition:  inner SAP+nonwoven fabric outside
Color:white Packahing:10pcs per box Absorb capability:2.5L fluid Technology:ultrasonic, OEM logo in the top  

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Zhejiang E-sun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of cleaning products, especially microfiber and nonwovens. After 11 years of development, we have a production workshop of 2400 square meters and a product research and development center of 200 square meters, 5 product research and development personnel and 2 brands. Also we have 11 professional sales and long-term partners in 47 countries including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and France, with an annual export volume of 8.8M $ and an annual growth rate of 30%. Our product range covers more than 120 kinds, from laundry cleaning to kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home appliance cleaning, and healthcare. We supervise all production processes from raw materials to finished products, and have an independent in-house laboratory for product testing on each batch of goods. E-Sun insists on developing high-tech functional products, especially environmental protection products, hoping we can do something for our beautiful earth. We keep in mind the company’s business philosophy “quality first, customer first, and we don’t want to be your passer-by, but your lifelong partner. detail-page-01 detail-page-02 detail-page-03 detail-page-04 detail-page-05 detail-page-08

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