Customizable Disposable Microfiber Nonwoven Fabric Wipes Non-Woven Cleaning Cloth

Size: 40*30cm Weight: 6g/pc(50gsm) Material:50%Microfiber+50 %Viscose Color: white Packing: 100pcs per bag,800pcs per carton MOQ: 100,000pcs

Products Details

Product Details

Non-woven Wipes with a dense surface layer, high absorbency and easy to rinse,which contributes to hospital cleaning,industrial cleaning,housing cleaning.We are professional in non-woven durable cloths offer a range of functional properties that keep them fresh and hygienic, use after use. Hygiene & Safety Woven cloths trap dirt in the open weave of their fibre, but dirt particles are unable to penetrate a non-woven surface, and can be easily rinsed away. With little or no dirt particles to feed on, the growth of bacteria and germs is greatly reduced. The cloth stays fresh longer, and the high fibre density results in capillary action, greatly improving absorbency. Usage Economical cloth for general purpose cleaning tasks. Easily lifts dirt from surfaces and rinses clean for immediate use. Microfiber-Non-Woven-Wipes-1

Product Benefits

1.With antibacterial properties preventing the growth of germs in moist condition 2.High fibre density greatly improving absorbency 3.Non-woven structure allows dirt particles to be rinsed off rather than become trapped in the weave. 4.Pretty design with your logo printed.We can pack in customized package to show brand. Microfiber-Non-Woven-Wipes-6


Our heavy-duty cleaning cloth tackle the toughest spills with ease. This heavy-duty design can be used with most solvents and protects hands for safe, hassle-free cleaning. It comes in a for speedy carrying. 1. Protect hands from heat and metal scraps in industrial spaces Less effort than rental towels, as the cloth's suitable for repeated use One-at-a-time dispensing boost hygiene and less waste. 2. Treat your skin with utmost care by using these super soft and strong dry cleansing cloths that are perfect for all kinds of cleansing purposes – makeup removal, bathing, incontinence, regular skin care routine, and much more! 3. Microfiber makes it soft,viscose makes it friendly to touch the skin.So these wipes are designed for ultimate care on delicate and sensitive skin for children, teens, and adults. They're just like the cloths used in hospitals and great for diaper changes.

Company Profile

Zhejiang E-sun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of cleaning products, especially microfiber and nonwovens. After 11 years of development, we have a production workshop of 2400 square meters and a product research and development center of 200 square meters, 5 product research and development personnel and 2 brands. Also we have 11 professional sales and long-term partners in 47 countries including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and France, with an annual export volume of 8.8M $ and an annual growth rate of 30%. Our product range covers more than 120 kinds, from laundry cleaning to kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home appliance cleaning, and healthcare. We supervise all production processes from raw materials to finished products, and have an independent in-house laboratory for product testing on each batch of goods. E-Sun insists on developing high-tech functional products, especially environmental protection products, hoping we can do something for our beautiful earth. We keep in mind the company’s business philosophy “quality first, customer first, and we don’t want to be your passer-by, but your lifelong partner.    

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